What was the last bit of gear you bought?

I had the same panic with my new to me NDX. 10 minutes of swapping leads around until I remembered I had read in the manual about being able to disable outputs.


So happy for you Neil, enjoy it!

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Congratulations. Enjoy. :+1:

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Must be quite an old one if it’s in a blue box, or it’s a repurposed box. M CDX2 came in a box like that and it’s from 2003.

Congratulations, I know the 282 was a fabulous upgrade over the pre-amp section of my SN 2 when I upgraded!

Look forward to hearing what you thing about the improvements from the 202 to the 282…

It was a long wait, but finally my new 552 Pre arrived. It replaces a 252/SupercapDr, who both get a new owner soon.

The 552 is running in now so will start judging in a few days, but first impression is very promising.



…and well placed at the top too Iver :+1:t3: Good on you Peter

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Looks good, hoping to be joining you next week. I am told that French customs have finally cleared the paperwork.

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I replaced my 252 three years ago by a 552. It is way better IMHO. I like it to the bits.


I recall during a naim factory visit during which the just about to be launched new streamers were demonstrated (and discussed in great detail!) we eventually sat through a demonstration during which there was a remarkable difference in sound quality when switching between ndx2 and nd555. Everything is relative and, in isolation I’ve no doubt the ndx2 would be extremely satisfactory as a music source.


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I was there….but they went up from standard cables to superlumina, much lower system to a 552/500 system……it was better…….it took me some while to unravel for my ears what the nd555 brought to the party. Possibly a deliberate ploy by Naim on the day.

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Sehring Audio S913 Curved - finally here after a bit of waiting.


@krautnaimie and @conlegno - dinner’s served :wink:


So your lovely Monitor Audio GX200 Golds are finally put out to pasture!

Still, exciting time ahead.

Interested to know if they were a big improvement?
Trying to come up with reasons that will convince the boss!

I think i will let you 3 get intimate first before joining the party :slight_smile:

They are, and it’s sad. They were quite the little overachievers in the new system, as you know. But a friend may give them a new home, I hope.

This here is a different ballpark though, with only one hour in. 500 more and we’ll to do the fine adjustment of crossover and passive membrane. Exciting times indeed, just like you are having - congrats on your massive step up!

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It’s really quite amazing of an uplift. Adds more speed, dynamics, space and bigger soundstage… The SVT Bamboo with Bronze upgrade is great but this adds so much more and compliments the Naim sound.

I took my time and built it using the Fraim set-up guide here.

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We’ll keep the pictures off the forum

Congrats !
What is the first impression ?

Thanks, that’s good to know.
My problem is I can’t logistically move slowly - its all or nothing & I currently need six levels & expect (want) to go active next year - so that makes 9 or 10 levels! Starts to get expensive as a replacement for an Ikea cabinet!